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As the pages of the mind turn, a pen caresses the emptiness and a life is formed.  It fills the emptiness with tear dampened words as one life dies and another is born.  The heart and soul are exposed in the emptiness and naked, they hide behind the emotions that spill forth onto the page. 


The breath of life ceases to blow and the pages turn no more.  As the final pages turn a new life is released.  Falling it flutters like a leaf as a new breath blows strong and carries it to the sky.  Soaring high it recklessly plummets, testing the strength of the breath it rides on.  Turning wildly, pages fly by, unaware that they are numbered. 

 Realizing to late that the breath of life only blows one way, they slow in the final chapters of life.  In these final chapters they pause in attempt to recall the pages that few by.  Bits and pieces of memories surface, but they find little to show for the pages that passed. 

As the final pages turn, they long for the ones they wasted and savor the few that remain.


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