Now a little bit about me

I was born in July of 1959 the 7th child of John    & Freda    Humbert. 

In 1977 I graduated from Susquenita High School located in Duncannon, PA.  

I served in the Air Force National Guards from August 1979 to October 1985.  Yes, I know that Military Intelligence is an oxymoron, but what can I say, it was in my job title.  I was an Administrative Specialist to the Colonel of Military Intelligence.   


I want to say thank you to a wonderful woman who helped my father raise his 8 children when his wife, my mother died in 1963.  That special woman was his Aunt Marian Humbert.  She passed away in October of 2001 at the age of 93  



This page is in dedication to my Father

John Stanley Humbert

Born: June 8th 1930

Embraced by God:  June 14th 1998




Dear Daddy,

By your strength,

you taught us to trust.

With your gentleness,

you taught us to be loving.

With your heart,

you taught us to be humble.

By your life

You taught us of Jesus


From your loving Daughter





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